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Abdullah Catli, the fugitive heroin smuggler, had escaped from a Swiss prison.



Bu kapiya ac giren cok olur, ac cikan hic olmaz.Dost isen yemekle dusman isen kursunla doyururuz.

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By Kani Xulam Tuesday, November 12, 1996 It was a luxurious Mercedes Benz.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Abdullah Catli and the car he died in. Note the boot has been opened.

Abdullah Catli is a fascist, wanted for the murder of 7 members of the Turkish Workers Party.

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The gangster who was killed in the 1996 Susurluk scandal was Abdullah Catli.

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But what raised eyebrows was the seemingly incongruous presence of another passenger one Abdullah Catli riding with the top police and government officials.

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An Accident Reveals the Complicity of Turkish State with the Mafia. The other passengers were Abdullah Catli, and his girl friend, Gonca Us. Mr.The fugitive was Abdullah Catli,. who were accused of ties to Catli.

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Turkish Dirty War Revealed, but Papal Shooting Still Obscured. Much of the parliamentary inquiry focused on Abdullah Catli,.


Tulay Guran, Federica Buonocore, Nurcin Saka, Mehmet Nuri Ozbek, Zehra Aycan, Abdullah Bereket,.

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The two other dead were Abdullah Catli, a convicted fugitive who was wanted for drug trafficking and murder,.

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